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Isoclima is armoured glass at its best.

Established in 1977 as a glass processing company for the building industry, ISOCLIMA soon began developing new technologies for the production of composite laminate glass with high ballistic resistance. Continuous research in the field of specialised glass and polycarbonate laminates has given Isoclima a leading edge in the production of no-spall bullet-resistant panels that, being increasingly thinner and more resistant, make them particularly geared to the armoured vehicle industry and ballistic protection of high-risk environments.

As part of the FININD Group based in Este, ISOCLIMA is today one of the world leaders in the glass industry for transportation glazings i.e. rail, naval, automotive and aerospace.


Our established product OmniArmor® (Glass/Polycarbonate), which is a high-technology, transparent, bullet-resistant security glazing panel is designed to protect vehicles for military and civil use and public, residential and commercial premises.

It is designed to withstand high-energy ballistic attack and prolonged physical attack, or a combination of the two.

OmniArmor® combines the structural properties of polycarbonate with the resistance to abrasion and chemicals provided by glass.

Available in various shapes and sizes, OmniArmor® panels solve all security problems while fulfilling all design requirements.

Omniarmor products are certified according to various specifications including the EN 1063, NIJ 0108.01 and STANAG 4569 requirements.


All compositions can be offered with the following options

  • micro wire heating
  • coated heating
  • embedded antenna systems
  • electro-magnetic protection
  • IR reflective film
  • framing in steel, bullet resistant steel, aluminium
  • Tinted version
  • etc


We are also glad to introduce our new product ASP (anti-stone protection) – patent pending – a magnetically fixed additional outer ply, protecting the ballistic window from stone / rock etc. damage. This ply is easily removable and replaceable, even in hostile operating conditions.



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