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About Armor Trader

Hello, my name is Paul Westdyk and I would like to welcome you to ArmorTrader.

ArmorTrader was established with the goal of being a cost effective solution, while not compromising the quality of this advertising medium for companies that specialise in the protection of people's lives and assets.

We believe that this solution boasts the following benefits:

Cost effective: For only USD 3000 per year, your company will have even more exposure than other companies receive by spending a similar budget per month on their AdWords account.

Results driven: We strive on a daily basis to promote our customers products in the ever-changing and competitive online market place. Our knowledgeable Search Engine Optimisation team are not only concentrating on making ArmorTrader rank on the home page of Google and Bing, but will also launch a FREE three page website with a domain name of your choice*.

Your premium listing with ArmorTrader will include the following free of charge:

  • Design and construction of a 3 page website
  • 1 years hosting
  • 10 email addresses
  • Results driven search engine optimisation
  • Social media presence setup (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page)
  • Link your new website to your existing site and information

In addition to this, you are entitled to the following on the ArmorTrader website:

  • Listings in all relevant categories. If you manufacture armored cars, cash trucks, and tactical vehicles, your company will be listed in all categories. No extra costs involved.
  • Home page banner space as well as banner space throughout the site
  • You will have a video slot to post a video of your choice
  • You will have links to your website as well as company contact details

A listing with ArmorTrader also entitles you to 10 free slots to list your vehicles in our classified section. If you have vehicles in stock, list them on the site with photos and relevant details of the vehicle so potential customers can find you. All our listed vehicles are indexed by Google within a day or two making them available to potential customers globally.

Our parts and accessories section of the site is perfect for manufacturers of vehicles to find new suppliers of various products. ArmorTrader proves to be a valuable marketing tool for these parts and components suppliers and manufacturers to expose their products in new territories while securing new customers.

ArmorTrader is designed to be a holistic solution for selling and buying new or used armored vehicles. From sedans to specialised vehicles and their associated parts and accessories, you will find them all at ArmorTrader. The ArmorTrader site enables you to custom search as per your specifications. Whether it's make, model, level of protection, country, new or used. Simply fill in your requirements and ArmorTrader will locate and display the relevant information for you.

We make finding your armor solution simple.


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