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Armoured vehicles South Africa

When travelling from point to point in your everyday life, there are certain safety precautions that should be taken. Firstly you should always use a seat belt, and it's not a bad idea to lock the doors. But what happens if you are confronted along the way by a hijacker, with a loaded fire arm, with the intent to take you with him. Living in one of the most active hijacking cities in the world, one would think that you would find more armored vehicles in South Africa, but in reality most armoured vehicles in South Africa belong to the elite. However some companies in the Armoured Car Industry, in South Africa, are starting to change that.

The market for Armoured Vehicles in South Africa is growing year on year, for these companies that manufacture.

It is a very different story for the various companies that manufacture Military Armoured vehicles South Africa. There are many business that export armoured vehicles, made in South Africa all over the world. One of the largest markets for, our armored vehicles made in South Africa would be the UAE and surrounding countries. Some companies, manufacturing armoured vehicles in South Africa, will take on the armoring responsibilities, of commercial vehicles.

When choosing an armoured vehicle there are many points that you would want to take into consideration, should an individual or a corporate need this service.

One of the most important decisions, to make would be, what threat level, do I want my armoured vehicle to protect me against? Most armored vehicles made in South Africa will protect you up to a level B4. This means that the glass and protection placed in the body of the vehicle will protect you from most hand guns found on the market today. The reason that most armoured vehicles found in South Africa, and countries like Brazil and Venezuela will only armour their vehicles to level B4, is because most common attackers have the need to conceal their fire arm. Rifles are harder to conceal, so it is not often that potential victims, will have to worry about this threat.

When purchasing an Armoured Vehicle in South Africa, you will not need any permits or special licenses; there are a number of companies that will manufacture an armored vehicle in South Africa for you, at a very reasonable price.

But how important will price or cost of the armor be, if/when the time comes, and that you need it?!


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